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Why join the Construction Association?

No matter whether you are in the industrial, commercial or institutional (ICI) sector, rad building sector or residential sector there is a construction association for you.  Not only do associations lobby for industry improvements which you benefit from whether or not you are a member, they also supply a level of support that cannot be found elsewhere?

For those in the ICI sector you become a member of both the Construction Association of New Brunswick and the Canadian Construction Association by joining one of the following:

The Mechanical Contractors Association
The New Brunswick Roofing Contractors Association
Masonry Industry Assoication of Atlantic Canada

In total the member association have some 600 member contractors and suppliers benefiting from their services and products.

New construction firms get the greatest benefits by joining an association.  They can save themselves hours of work and countless mistakes by accessing the many support material available at the associations.  These include items like standard construction documents and guidelines for everything from construction insurance to waste management.  All of these documents have been reviewed by legal experts and have become industry standards.

The construction association’s most valuable asset to contractors is their information system and ability to access the plans and specifications for most government work and a number of private projects.  The associations  notify their members of the projects out for tender, who was awarded which job and when the tenders on the future projects are closing.  This is done on a weekly bases and faxed to the members.

The Saint John, Moncton and Fredericton associations also offer one of the most advanced and user friendly electronic plans rooms in all of Canada.  No longer do their members have to travel to the association to view the plans and specifications in order to prepare their quotes, they simply go on-line.  For those who prefer the hard copy these are available for viewing at the associations on a 24/7 basis.  The associations also offer the large format printing required to produce blue prints in all sizes, so if you wish to take a copy with you it is no problem.
The networking opportunities are another asset of the associations, whether it’s a golf tournament, curling bonspeil, quarterly dinner or another special event.  The contractors you meet at these events can help you immeasurably.   Not only may they future partners on projects, but they may also plan significant role in monitoring you through that initial critical period faced by all start up companies.

Finally, the associations plays a role in providing learning opportunities through seminars, dinner speakers, conferences and most importantly Gold Seal Certification program.  The Gold Seal program is the only in  Canada designed specifically to acknowledge the skills, experience and training of construction management.  It actually began in New Brunswick, was adopted nationally by the Canadian Construction Association and is now considered an industry standard.  In fact, the provincial department of Supply & Services uses Gold Seal as a qualifier for those firms wishing to work on their larger projects

If you have wondered about joining an association, now is a great time to explore the benefits.  Most associations have special introductory packages for fall rates which will soon come into effect.  For some new members the discount programs including hotel, car rental and insurance can save them the cost of a membership.

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